vo mine Barge

vo mine Barge


vo mine Barge (From My Mountains) – Music of Helvetia

The people of the village of Helvetia first settled in 1869 deep in the mountains of central West Virginia. The community  continues to hold onto the rich heritage of music and lore brought by the early settlers from Switzerland and Germany. They have sustained many of their traditional folkways along with a simple agricultural lifestyle and keen sense of heritage.  From My Mountains features songs that are a part of Helvetia’s rich heritage.  This CD is packaged with an illustrated booklet (plus a free bonus cassette). The booklet offers a continuing look at the history and folklore of Helvetia.  AHR 016

Photographpy by Gerry Milnes
Text by Gerry Milnes & Ken Sullivan
Design by Susan Rudisill

 CD and Booklet (plus bonus cassette) – $15