Then Days Were Better CD

Then Days Were Better CD

Currence Hammonds (1894-1984) and his wife Mintie (1898-1987) were a treasure trove of West Virginia folklore and music. Much of what Currence learned, both in music and in life, came from his uncle, famed fiddler Edden Hammons.

Gerry Milnes began collecting songs, tales, riddles, stories banjo tunes, and ballads from the pair in 1975. These recordings, as well as those made later by John McCutcheon and Michael Kline, recorded an incredible amount of folklore, folk wisdom, and traditional music.

This CD contains 60 MP3 selections of Currence and Mintie Hammonds sharing their knowledge of music and way of life in West Virginia. Included with the CD is a booklet, The Life of Currence Hammonds and a guide to The Ballads, Songs, Stories, and Banjo Tunes of Currence and Mintie Hammonds.

An Augusta Heritage Production