That Old-Time Sound DVD

That Old-Time Sound DVD

Cover of That Old-Time Sound DVDThat Old-Time Sound

Old-Time Music and Old-Time Ways of Central West Virginia
Featuring Lester & Linda McCumbers

Central West Virginia – particularly the four-county area of Braxton, Clay, Calhoun and Gilmer – has always been known as a hot-bed of traditional music and traditions. It has produced numerous outstanding musicians of note, including French and Ernie Carpenter, Ward Jarvis, Harvey Sampson, Melvin Wine, Emory Bailey, Phoeba Parsons, and dozens more. Lester McCumbers, from Nicut, West Virginia, is one of the last fiddlers to have had direct contact with that older generation of legendary players.

Some rare film shot at the West Virginia State Folk Festival at Glenville in 1973 adds an historical glimpse of some of the film’s older musical performers. Linda McCumbers sings on stage at Glenville and at recent visits to the Augusta Heritage Workshops and Concerts. Neighbor Homer Sampson (filmed by Augusta in 1996) contributes an Old-World gem of a ballad. A portion of the film intertwines the music with the strong tradition of fox chasing and coon hunting, adding context to the lives of people who are otherwise known solely for their musical accomplishments. From public dancing in the street at Glenville to music played and sung on porches and in kitchens, this film presents folk traditions within a rich cultural context.

Production and DVD authoring by Gerald Milnes for Augusta Heritage Center
Cover photo by Dave Savage; cover design by Sam Linkous
DVD – 60 minutes – $20