Melvin Wine DVD/CD set

Melvin Wine DVD/CD set

Cover of Melvin Wine DVD/CD set“One More Time”
The Life and Music of Melvin Wine

Melvin Wine was never without a song to sing, a story to tell, or a tune to play, and his familiar “one more time” still rings in our hearts. He was born in 1909 at the mouth of Stouts Hollow in Braxton County, West Virginia. Melvin’s chiseled smile was a very familiar sight around many West Virginia music events for the 40 years leading up to his death in 2003. How appropriate that he was laid to rest on the first day of spring just a stone’s throw from his birthplace.

Hundreds of fiddlers have learned about playing tunes and living life from Melvin, and through this project, many more will have opportunities to continue learning from him.

The interactive CD-ROM contains many tunes, stories, and photos, plus biographical information from Melvin’s remarkable life. A tune can be slowed down or stopped to allow you to study his playing, his bowing techniques, or simply to catch the melody. The DVD contains four films from periods of Melvin’s life: “Melvin Wine: Old-Time Music Maker;” a film made on his porch at home; a Copen Community Center jam and dance; and Melvin’s last Augusta concert.

Melvin Wine won many distinctive awards and honors and traveled widely because of his music to events in Washington, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, and many other places. It wasn’t the places he remembered; it was the people he met. They, and we, will always remember him. Finally in 1991, he was honored as a National Heritage Fellow. The awards weren’t as important to Melvin, as were his many friends. We’re sure he’s still humming “In a Land Where We’ll Never Grow Old.” In memory of Melvin Wine: 1909-2003.

Executive Producers: Margo Blevin and Gerald Milnes.
Produced by Jimmy Triplett and Marilyn Palmer Richards with assistance from many.
DVD and CD-ROM, 2-disc set $30. (CD-ROM is available for Windows only)