Israel Welch – Tearin’ Down the Laurel CD

Israel Welch – Tearin’ Down the Laurel CD

Cover of Israel Welch - Tearin' Down the Laurel CDIsrael Welch – Tearin’ Down the Laurel

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A journey up dry run in rural Mineral County, West Virginia, leads to an unpaved road up a hollow, eventually topping up at an old-time mountain farm.  Electric power and telephone lines have never made the trip, but many a fiddle player and old-time musician find the hilltop farm enticing.  Thousands of fiddle tunes have drifted into the area from the old log homestead that has been home and hearth to the Welch family since the 1830s.

Israel Welch, born in 1912, currently holds dominion over the farm and survives as the last of several fiddling brothers.  Israel’s strong bowing style with clear, delicate, noting complements his amazing repertoire of reels, hoedowns, waltzes, hornpipes, clogs, swings, and jigs.  These tunes exemplify music he has performed at hundreds, perhaps thousands of old-time dances in the upper Potomac Valley.

Production and guitar backup by Gerry Milnes
Field recording and mastering by Flawn Williams
CD – $15