Inspired Folk DVD

Inspired Folk DVD

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Inspired FOLK

Outsider Artists of West Virginia

This hour-long film and interactive DVD examines the lifelong work often exceptional West Virginia artists — their motivations, inspirations, obsessions and their world view — artists whose work is so unique that it makes us question all

the ways we define art. To find answers the film takes the viewer deep into the artists’ creative spaces and their minds.

The ten artists were found in such unlikely places as prisons, senior centers, remote West Virginia hollows, and the streets of Baltimore. The art includes the work of a “lifer” in prison, a paranoid schizophrenic, a reclusive chair maker, expressive wood carvers, an obsessive-compulsive collector, a race-car driver/artist, a junk sculptor, a believer in faith-healing and more.

A nationally recognized authority on the subject helps put the work into the context of folk art in general and specifically outsider art. The resulting film is a fascinating glimpse into motivations unlike any in the generally accepted genres of artistic expression.

Co-produced 2004 by Gerald Milnes and Mary Rayme
57-minute DVD – $20