The West Virginia Hills DVD

The West Virginia Hills DVD

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Cover of The West Virginia Hills - A Tribute to the DulcimerThe West Virginia Hills

A Tribute to the Mountain Dulcimer

The dulcimer has played a part in the homemade, community-based folk music of the Appalachian Mountains since the pioneer period, especially in West Virginia. This film traces the German roots of the instrument from the Old World to the New World. Pennsylvania Germans brought the instrument south during the eighteenth century migration to the Appalachian backcountry. Here the instrument evolved in shape and function, from being played with a bow to being played with a feather or pick and wooden noter, and, more recently, with the fingers.

In the early 1990s, several traditional players were documented playing in traditional styles. Numerous examples of nineteenth and early twentieth century instruments are shown and discussed by Patty Looman and Jim Costa. Dulcimer makers Jim Good and Phil Holcomb are shown in their shops, where they discuss their influences and experiences. The film ends with current players Margaret MacArthur, Lorraine Lee Hammond, Steve Seifert, and David Schnaufer playing more modern styles in concert on the Augusta Heritage Center Stage.

Produced by Gerry Milnes for Augusta Heritage Recordings
Cover redesign by Marilyn Palmer Richards

(This film is no longer available in VHS.)

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