Braxton County Fiddlers CD

Braxton County Fiddlers CD

Braxton Fiddlers coverOld-Time Fiddling of Braxton County, West Virginia

This CD contains 45 fiddle tunes in the MP3 format. There are ten Braxton County, West Virginia fiddlers represented: Ernie Carpenter, Leland Hall, Ward Jarvis, Sarah Singleton, Argyle Kaufman, George Melton, Harvey Sampson, Home Sampson, Kenton Sears, and Melvin Wine. The CD also contains a Word file with notes and bios, and many photographs of Braxton County musicians.

These field recordings were made by Gerry Milnes, 1978-1991. The MP3 files on this disk may not play on older CD players, but will play on modern players, computers, and may be downloaded to portable listening devices. See list of tunes below.

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The Music

1.  Banjo Tramp
2.  Girl I Left Behind
3.  Untitled Waltz
4.  Poor Old Uncle Davy
5.  Granny, Will Your Dog Bite?
6.  Skip Light Ladies
7.  I Don’t Love Nobody
8.  New Orleans
9.  Clarence’s Tune
10.  Charleston Girls
11.  Trudy Evans
12.  Old Mother Flannigan
13.  Jolly Yankee Farmer
14.  Untitled Waltz
15.  Bonaparte’s Retreat
16.  The Dirty Sheets
17.  Boatin’ Up Sandy
18.  Cacklin’ Hen
19.  Sally Comin’ Through the Rye
20.  Abe’s Retreat
21.  Sour Apple Pie
22.  Shelvin’ Rock
23.  Green Corn
24.  Fire on the Mountain
25.  Old Skedadalink
26.  Hell Among the Yearlings
27.  Dan Friend’s Piece
28.  Unnamed Schottische
29.  Grey Eagle
30.  Three Forks of Reedy
31.  Old Joe Clark
32.  Liza Jane
33.  Piney Mountains
34.  Cumberland Gap
35.  Give the Fiddler a Dram
36.  Pretty Little Indian
37.  Jimmy Johnson
38.  Cabin Creek
39.  Hell Among the Yearlings
40.  Golden Slippers
41.  Soldier’s Joy
42.  Whistling Rufus
43.  Chicken Reel
44.  Roundtown Gals
45.  Wild Horse