2019 Ride Share Board

2019 Ride Share Board


NOTE: Augusta is presenting this information as a service to our registrants and assumes no responsibility for any individual transportation arrangements made based on the information presented below. If you wish to have your information listed below, fill out and submit the form. Click HERE for the rideshare form. You may wish to visit our DIRECTIONS page for details on how to get to Augusta.

Location:  New York to Elkins to New York

Name: Edward Yutkowitz

Phone: (212) 255-4301

Email: eddieny@aol.com

Date TO Augusta: July 7

Date FROM Augusta: July 14

Miscellaneous Information: I’m coming down for Classic Country Week but haven’t yet decided whether to rent a car to drive directly from NY, or fly to DC or Pittsburgh. I’m open to leaving a day early, taking a leisurely drive back and forth, sharing a ride, and/or driving.


Location: Pittsburgh airport
Name: Mary Beth Yakoubian
Phone: (201) 683-3668
Email: ykoubian@optonline.net
Date TO Augusta: July 21
Date FROM Augusta: July 26
Miscellaneous Information: I’ll arrive at Pittsburgh airport at 4:41 PM. I’ll pay for a rental car and gas if you’ll do the driving.


Location: Washington DC or Staunton VA to Elkins to Washington DC or Staunton VA
Name: Michael Starkey
Email: michael.starkey16@gmail.com
Date TO Augusta: 07/14/19
Date FROM Augusta: 07/19/19
Miscellaneous Information: Hello, Landing in DC on 07/12/19 and heading to old time week. Can be flexible with travel date/location (either DC or Staunton VA). Happy to share a rental car cost or gas and driving your car. Please use email contact above. Cheers. Michael


Name:  Rachel Dunaway
Phone: (180) 433-4658
Email: racheldunaway6@gmail.com
Willing to share a ride from what city:  Richmond, VA, Charlottesville, VA, Staunton, VA
Date TO Augusta:  Sunday, July 14th
Date FROM Augusta: Saturday, July 20th


Name: Michael Starkey
Email: michael.starkey16@gmail.com
Date FROM Augusta:  7/19/19
Miscellaneous Information – need ride / Hello, Looking to head down to Floyd VA after old-time/blues/swing week. Be great to share driving/gas with someone. Please use the email address to get in touch.<br />
Many thanks, Michael
Date FROM Augusta: 7/19/19
Miscellaneous Information – sharing ride / Hello, Looking to head down to Floyd VA after old time/blues/swing week. Be great to share driving/gas with someone. Please use the email address to get in touch. Many thanks, Michael


Name: M Ei’li’s Doimsaigh Grabe
Phone: (505) 410-5289
Email: eirefantasy2001@yahoo.com
Need a ride from what city? Clarksburg, WVA
Date TO Augusta: Elkins : July 13, or 14th
Date FROM Augusta: July Firday or Saturday: July 19 or 20
Miscellaneous Information: I am traveling from New Mexico, I will need a lift from the airport in Clarksburg to Elkins. Would appreciate consideration, traveling from southwest – Albuquerque area.


Name: Lauritz Young Walser
Phone: (612) 810-1274
Email: loloyoungwalser@gmail.com
Need a ride from what city? Morgantown WV
Date TO Augusta: 7/7/19
Date FROM Augusta: 7/13/19
Miscellaneous Information: Flight gets into morgantown 2:30 pm on the 7th. a ride any time after that would be Awsome! Flying out at 1Pm on sat the 13th, would love a ride anytime that day but at least id like to get there an hour prior to my flight.


Name: Lily
Phone: (516) 425-6402
Email: lilychurgin@gmail.com
Need a ride from what city? New Orleans, La
Date TO Augusta: July 14th
Miscellaneous Information: Anyone coming up from New Orleans?


Location: From Augusta to New York City
Name: Sharon
Phone: (347) 891-1153
Email: haroses19@yahoo.com
Date TO Augusta:
Date FROM Augusta: July 28 of 29
Miscellaneous Information: need ride. Of course, happy to share cost.


Location: Knoxville
Name: Carissa
Phone: (901) 246-0180
Email: carissa.stolting@icloud.com
Date TO Augusta:
Date FROM Augusta: Saturday, July 13
Miscellaneous Information:


Location: Baltimore/DC area
Name: Louise King
Phone: (305) 401-1502
Email: royalgrove@att.net
Date TO Augusta: Sunday, July 21
Date FROM Augusta: Saturday, July 27
Miscellaneous Information: I’m renting a car for bluegrass week and am looking for riders to share rental and fuel costs.