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Augusta Mini-Courses add to students’ daily learning experiences and allow busy local residents to be part of the Augusta experience. You DO NOT need to be enrolled as a full-time Augusta student to sign up for Mini-Courses. (You DO need to be a full-time student to stay on-campus.) Check out the wide array of subjects, listed by week, from which to choose! A real bargain, Mini-Courses cost only $60 for four evenings of instruction by world-class artists. Some Mini-Courses may require a small materials fee (which is paid to the instructor in the first class).

All  evening mini-courses meet Monday–Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm unless otherwise noted. Participants register for one mini-course per week. Each session builds upon information presented the previous day.

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October Old-Time Week Mini-Courses

October 21 – 26, 2018

Sing Like the Old Ones: From Ancient Ballads to West Virginia Songs of Work and Freedom Mini-Course (All Levels) with Michael & Carrie Kline

Sing Like the Old Ones: From Ancient Ballads to West Virginia Songs of Work and Freedom Mini-Course (All Levels)

From Ancient Ballads to West Virginia Songs of Work and Freedom (All Levels): Prepare to immerse in rich imagery and melodically haunting songs, making deep connections with the culture, landscapes, and history of Appalachia, and connecting with singers from generations past. Who were these singers, and how did these songs come to dwell in them? What are the hidden powers of the oral tradition in these Allegheny Highlands? How and why does it persist into our own times?

Participants finish this course with a new tote sack full of traditional and contemporary Appalachian songs learned by heart and taught with feeling by this duo of folklorist-music makers. The Klines are known for teaching songs so that students own them. From passionate coal mining laments to ancient ballads Michael learned from local singers, we will learn to sing with  precision and gusto.

Michael & Carrie Kline

Michael and Carrie have performed in Italy, Germany, and the United States. They bring their tight mountain harmonies to living rooms, conference centers, and concert halls from Maine to Kentucky, New York City, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, California, and Europe.

Michael and Carrie Kline present their music both as entertainment and social history, with engaging ease and hard-hitting passion. They have spent years recording music and spoken narrative in Cherokee, North Carolina, and the Appalachian coalfields and mountainside farms from Kentucky to New England. The Klines’ high mountain harmony vocals meld with their intertwining bass lines on two guitars, with Michael Kline’s melodic flat-picking guitar playing and Carrie’s dynamic backup.

“Carrie and Michael live and breathe Appalachian culture and music. Their voices carry the songs with truth and authenticity, without a hint of pretense or affectation, and their guitar accompaniments are excellent, just what the songs call for. With their vast knowledge of West Virginia history and culture, and their deep roots in the mountains, you can be assured their concerts are not only a treat for the ear, but a journey into the depth and breadth of the real Appalachia and beyond.” — Magpie, Bringing the People’s History Alive Through Music

“Michael and Carrie Kline have a long-respected tradition in the folklore and music worlds. Their top-notch research comes out on stage, captivating the audience and stirring the emotions.” — Sparky and Rhonda Rucker, Modern Day American Folk and Blues Legends

“When Carrie and Michael Kline make music, you will know that they believe deeply – in the power of the songs they sing, in each other. Two souls united, two hearts as one.” — Joe Herrmann, Critton Hollow String Band