Augusta Scholarships

Augusta has encouraged hundreds of talented artists through its Augusta Scholarship Program. Many have gone on to achieve renown in their chosen fields. Around 100 scholarships are awarded each year to youth and adults who show great promise and cannot otherwise attend. The recipients come from all over the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

How to apply for an Augusta scholarship:

Scholarship applicants should complete the online application form below.  Teachers or mentors providing letters of recommendation for the scholarship applicant should complete the recommendation form below. Letter of recommendation are required for the application to be considered. Please be sure your mentor / teachers submits the form.  We recommend applying well in advance for scholarships.

Deadlines for Augusta Scholarship submission:

April 1 – Summer Session
August 1 – October Old-Time Week

Late applications will be considered only if funds are available.  Scholarship awards do not include housing and meals, only tuition. Applicants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Support the Augusta Scholarship Program:

Your tax-deductible donations to the Augusta Scholarship fund are always appreciated. Please contact us for information on making a contribution by calling Beth King, Augusta Director,  at  304-637-1209.

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