Rideshare Form

Rideshare Form

  • Augusta is presenting this information as a service to our registrants and assumes no responsibility for any individual transportation arrangements made based on the information presented below or on our Ride Share page.

    Fill out the information below, and submit it to us. After we receive your information we will post it on our Ride Share page. THIS SERVICE IS INTENDED FOR AUGUSTA PARTICIPANTS ONLY.

    Please be sure to enter your telephone number and email address so an interested party will know how to contact you. Note: please DO NOT list your street address.

    To see what rides are needed or available click HERE

    To see a map of the relative location of Elkins to surrounding cities, click HERE

    Finally – to keep this roster effective, listings will be removed once the ride dates have passed.

    If you make a successful connection, please email kinge@dewv.edu requesting removal of your listing – otherwise the ride share board gets too crowded and out of date to be useful.