2018 Ride Share Board

2018 Ride Share Board


NOTE: Augusta is presenting this information as a service to our registrants and assumes no responsibility for any individual transportation arrangements made based on the information presented below. If you wish to have your information listed below, fill out and submit the form. Click HERE for the rideshare form. You may wish to visit our DIRECTIONS page for details on how to get to Augusta.

NEED a ride:
To/From Arr/Dep Date(s) Name Phone E-mail


Washington Grove. MD 20880 (or nearby DC/MD) . Recent onset of occasional vertigo — not sure if it will be totally gone enough for me to drive. But enjoy conversation and will share gas cost and other expenses. July 29 / August 4 Gary Temple (301) 437-8491 gftemple@gmail.com
Elkins to Pittsburgh / From Elkins to Pittsburgh airport anytime on Sunday, Aug 12th in the afternoon. Myself and my daughter and two carry-ons; happy to pay whatever. Thanks! Sunday August 12th Val Uccellani (504) 232-2959 value@globallearningpartners.com
To Washington / Willing to share a ride back to Washington, DC after Vocal Week and the Augusta Festival. August 12 Nancy Hirschhorn (202) 744-9199 nancyhirschhorn@gmail.com
Willing to SHARE a ride:
I am driving my car from Western Massachusetts (Northhampton)  to Augusta July 21.  I can also pick people up along the way! Looking to split gas. I will be driving to Clifftop afterwards if anyone is interested in carpooling there!  Let me know!


July 21 / July 27 (To Clifftop!) Rachel Leader (413) 588-4870 rltzvia@gmail.com
I am driving to blues and swing week from NYC area and have room for at least 1. Contact me if you need a lift


July 20 / July 28 Noah Landes (929) 888-1734 nmaxland@gmail.com

I am very close to BWI Airport – Any Baltimore or Anne Arundel County folks?
Depart approx 10 am Saturday , Leave Elkins at checkout time Saturday
Would appreciate sharing of ride expenses
Can share one-way, also.


July 22 / July 28 Judy A Evans (443) 889-1995 judyevans12@verizon.net

I will be at Augusta from Aug 5 to Aug 12, driving my car from DC. I have one
(non-driving) passenger, but would like to find one more person, who can share the driving load with me, preferably in both directions.


Aug 5 to Aug 12 Steve Pretl 202-413-8351

Annapolis, MD  to Elkins to Annapolis, MD . I moved my name from the “Need a Ride” board, to the “Willing To Share a Ride” board, and have rented a car. Let me know if you’d like a ride and can help with expenses.


Sunday, August 5 AND Saturday, August 11 Louise King (305) 401-1502 royalgrove@att.net